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Oaxaca 2024

Embark on an epic trip with Boundary End Adventures

to Oaxaca, Mexico

including  Dia de los Muertos!


The journey begins on October 25, 2024 and spans 8 full days and 9 nights to Nov. 3  in the city and surrounding area.  


Oh, the places we'll go! The Oaxaca 2024 schedule is heating up.  Click here for the



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Streets of Oaxaca
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2024 Oaxaca, Mexico Itinerary

Bridging the Past to the Present - Connecting ancient history with contemporary living in Oaxaca.


Join us on our first adventure benefitting the mission of Boundary End Archeology Research Center 


You're invited to discover ancient pyramids and the modern rich, indigenous culture in the land of mezcal and mole. behind the scenes to learn on-site with Dr. Ann Stuart and renowned local guide Nicolas Garcia leading the way, along with special guest speakers on your Oaxacan adventure. This will no doubt be a trip of a lifetime!


Here is a sneak preview of the current tentative itinerary, subject to change as we continue planning your Oaxaca adventure! 

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Day 1 – Friday, Oct. 25

Margaritas and Orientation


El Señor del Rayo at Zocalo

Welcome, friends! 

After a day of travel we will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the hotel where you can settle in and have a dinner on your own as the rest of the group arrives.  

On our first evening  in Oaxaca, we’ll gather for margaritas to review our schedule and have an orientation at the  Hotel Marques Del Valle | Oaxaca. We'll raise a glass to the adventures ahead and bid each other farewell until the morning. 

Day 2 – Saturday, Oct. 26

Walking Oaxaca


Our day begins with a walking city tour of Oaxaca. We'll take in the majesty of the Templo de Santo Domingo, a church, former monastery and museum in the heart of Oaxaca. At the Museo Textil de Oaxaca, we'll view textile exhibits celebrating historic fiber arts from the region. It's Oaxaca after all, so no trip would be complete without sampling the native cuisine from world renowned restaurants to  food stalls at 'tianguis',  local open air markets, which operate in different towns on various days of the week. 

Day 3 – Sunday, Oct. 27

Teotitlan, Mitla, 'Place of the Dead'


A visit to Tlacolula Valley, about an hour from the city of Oaxaca leads visitors to the foothills of the Sierra Juárez mountains. There, discover the remarkably preserved Mitla ruins, the legendary archeological site that was most important to the religious component of Zapotec and Mixtec culture once inhabitants left Monte Alban. We’ll visit San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya about 21 miles from Oaxaca between Santa Maria del Tule and Mitla. Part of the Tlacolula District in the east of the Valles Centrales Region, prepare to be amazed by this mid-16th century temple and monastery constructed by Dominican friars. Imagined as a sanctification of the soul and fortress to keep out a world of temptation, the series of dark and narrow cells imitate early religious preferences to retreat into cavernous spaces. Here marks the beginning of foundation of a new convent that began centuries ago, but would never come to life. Today, the Plateresque style altars include images of La Virgen del Rosario, the Descent, Mary and the Child, and the Archangel Gabriel. A painting of St. Jerome in the church is attributed as indigenous painter Juan de Arrúe’s finest work. Activities on this day of discovery include a candle demonstration with Viviana and savory comida to break the day.

Day 4 –Monday, Oct. 28

Fiber Atisans of Santo Tomás Jalieza and Lunch at ‘Alfonsina’


Just 15 miles south of Oaxaca, Fiber artisans in Santo Tomás Jalieza are preserving their ancient crafts to this day in local markets. We’ll watch weavers at work and browse the products of their labor along the main square and shop for one-of-a-kind belts, handbags, change purses, table runners and home decor. The comida will be one to remember at ‘Alfonsina’ in the small town of San Juan Bautista la Raya, named one of the world’s 50 best restaurants. Here Chef Jorge León is renowned for his mole negro, served with mouthwatering dishes in a surprisingly quiet, residential neighborhood. The location belies the haute Oaxacan cuisine served within on simple wooden tables in view of local women preparing hot-off-the-comal tortillas. In addition to León’s otherworldly moles based on regional flavors like hibiscus and jackfruit, his signature dishes include courses inspired by daily local market selections, savory parsley soup, tacos, shrimp with amaranth leaves.


Day 5 – Tuesday, Oct. 29

Monte Alban Archeological Site 


Monte Alban is a massive pre-Columbian archaeological site in the Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán Municipality just steps from town. We'll explore the ancient pyramids and learn on-site about the Zapotec civilization, who occupied the region and reigned in the Oaxacan Valley for a thousand years. We'll explore Danzantes, the unique carvings around Monte Alban. Lectures from archeologists focused on the area will answer answer curiosity about the rich ancient culture of the scenic Oaxaca Valley,  

Day 6 – Wednesday, Oct. 30

Teotitlan Del Valle and comida with Reyna Mendoza


Teotitlan del Valle may be more renowned, but the backstrap loom weavers of Santo Tomás Jalieza are practicing the art in a way that dates back to very ancient times. The local market is set up in the main square and every day you can see weavers at work and browse the products of their labor, but Fridays are particularly busy. They sell belts, handbags, change purses, table runners and place mats at reasonable prices. This small community is located 15 miles south of Oaxaca city and can easily be combined with a day trip to Ocotlan. Our comida on Wednesday is very special -- our guide is Reyna Mendoza, of El Sabor Zapoteco. In her own home, Reyna will share her expertise of Teotitlán del Valle's culinary history that includes tamales, tortillas and roasted chilis among other Mexican delicacies. 

Stay tuned for a pending selection of optional activities, including the possibility of cutting flowers for the altar at the hotel. We can offer a horseback adventure in the high country above Oaxaca city.  Experience the unique plants and animals of the region from the back of trusty steed! Visit an Alebrije workshop to see how the famous fantastical carved animals are created, from wood carving to the final detailed painting process. This May be incorporated into the regular itinerary - stay tuned!

Day 7 – Thursday, Oct. 31

Tour of the City and Cemetery at Atzompa 


On the last day before Dios de la Muertos, we’ll take a guided tour of the city including San Pablo, Tamayo and the Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca, the region’s famed botanical gardens. We will have some time for education on the plant and agriculture traditions of the region.  

Day 8 – Friday, Nov. 1

Dia de la Muertos, Day 1


To commemorate the first full day of Dia de los Muertos, we’ll tour the cemetery at San Bartolo Meapo Cemetery in Oaxaca. This is also home to San Bartolo Coyotepec, one of the best places to explore the black clay pottery. Legendary in its design and artistry, these methods date back 2,000 years. On our trip to this small Zapotec community on the outskirts of Oaxaca, we'll learn about barro negro artifacts and pay our own respects to those long gone and the living who keep their traditions alive.

Day 9 – Saturday, Nov. 2

Dia de la Muertos, Day 2 


With the morning free to relax or explore more of Oaxaca we can arrange for any special activities you are interested in, but only if we have enough notice to make your reservations. In the afternoon we’ll join the locals at the Cemetery of San Felipe for an authentic Oaxacan celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Where many local families come to celebrate family members who have passed on, Panteón San Felipe del Agua is a much beloved place to commune on this sacred occasion in Oaxaca. 

Day 12 – Saturday, Nov. 3

Adios, Oaxaca! 

We'll bid a sad goodbye to Oaxaca and depart for the airport.


More to Love in Oaxaca

We're excited for your passion-packed trek of a lifetime in and around Oaxaca including time to explore on your own. Here are a few more suggested activities to enjoy that we will bother incorporate into our itinerary or offer as an activity to enjoy on the built in free time.

Yagul Pre-Historic Cave Site, Mezcal Tasting and El Árbol del Tule 

In the Central Valley of Oaxaca, the archaeological site of Yagul, a UNESCO designation, is a bucket list destination for historians the world over. Yagul is part of two archaeological complexes that include pre-historic caves and rock shelters (think ten thousand-year-old Cucurbitaceae seeds and earliest documented domestication of maize) and signs of the rise of Mesoamerican civilizations.

Local Mezcal Tasting

On your own time, kick back with a local mezcal tasting and learn about this ancient spirit and consider a tour of a mezcal distillery. 

El Árbol del Tule 

No trip to this part of Oaxaca would be complete without seeing El Árbol del Tule, a 2000-year-old tree on the church grounds in the town center of Santa María del Tule. 

Shop for Oaxacan Silversmith Filigree 

Oaxacan silversmith filigree jewelry with characteristics of the Mixtec group. 

Weaving Demonstration 

Step back in time for a weaving demonstration presented by local fiber artisans to see how contemporary weavers are keeping the traditional weaving culture of ancient Mitla designs alive for future generations. 

Chocolate Tasting

Oaxaca is a coveted, world-renowned destination for chocolate lovers. Don’t leave Oaxaca without enjoying a chocolate tasting of local chocolate. 


Alebrijes wood carvings define some of Oaxaca’s vibrant ancient arts. Discover regional workshop where artisans craft inspired carvings and paintings. 


 Registration Fees Include:

  • 9 nights at the Hotel Marques Del Valle | Oaxaca

  • Group meals and gatherings as part of the tour with 2 non alcoholic drinks per meal ( You are certainly welcome to order wine, beer and mezcal on your separate restaurant tab) 

  • Ground transportation to and from hotel in Oaxaca 

  • Transportation for arrivals and departures between the Oaxaca Airport and the hotel 

  • Transit and entry fee for all planned tours to archaeological, museum and tour activities 

  • Tour guide fees and assistants who will remain with the group at all times (gratuity at your discretion)

  • Speakers and on-location tours during site visits, dining and demonstrations 

Registration does not include the following: 

  • Airfare to and from Xoxocotlán International Airport (OAX)

  • Gratuity in restaurants or hotels (please budget accordingly for hotel staff, guides and other local personnel at your discretion)

  • Souvenirs, products or additional amenities at the hotel 

  • Meals during free time 


The following airlines regularly fly to Oaxaca.

  • Aeroméxico, a Delta Partner

  • American Airlines 

  • United Airlines


Travel Insurance

Boundary End Adventures recommends USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services.  There are many other options and we very strongly recommend that you find a policy that fits your needs.

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