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Online Palenque Workshop with Dr. David Stuart

The Boundary End Archaeology Research Center (BEARC) presents A Puzzle in Plaster: The Inscription of Temple XVIII at Palenque with Dr. David Stuart. This online workshop meets throughout the month of April and includes lectures, workshops, small group meetings, and a Q&A session. Register at All proceeds benefit BEARC, the nonprofit organization founded in 1997 by Dr. George Stuart. The BEARC is a space for resident programs, conferences, and meetings. Additionally, we perform outreach activities in both the US and Mexico.

About the Workshop

The stucco glyphs of Temple XVIII’s inner sanctuary comprised one of the major narrative panels of Palenque. Most had fallen away by the time Blom and LaFarge sketched the few remaining on the wall in 1925. Since then, little progress has been made in piecing together the full story of the over 130 surviving blocks. Join us in recreating a key historical text to expand our knowledge of Palenque’s history, its ruling dynasty and Temple XVIII’s builder, Pakal’s grandson K’inich Ahkul Mo’ Nahb.

The workshop is open to all levels of knowledge/experience and participants will explore and learn many aspects of Maya writing and history through readings, live lectures and participatory workshop activities. We will have separate small group meetings making use of on-line resources and whiteboard activities to enhance the learning experience.

Online Workshop Structure

Introductory Lecture: The Dynasty and Temple XVIII available NOW to everyone on the Boundary End YouTube channel. Check it out!

Workshop Meetings 6pm CST

Tuesdays of April: 2, 9, 23, and 30

Q&A: April 16

Small Group Meetings

Saturdays of April: 6, 13, 20, and 27 at mutually agreed times or alternative dates per independent group preference.


Students: ask about our discount

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