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The Research Center

Creative Space and Residencies

Boundary End Archaeology Research Center (BEARC) is the perfect escape for students and professionals to pursue writing projects, artists and other creative souls wishing to experience the peace and tranquility of Appalachia. We can accommodate up to two individuals at BEARC at a given time, with residency periods lasting from one to ten weeks. Read more on our Visiting Scholars page.

We also invite researchers, graduate students, and postdocs to apply to our George Stuart Residential Scholar program. This residency is typically the length of an academic semester. Read more on our George Stuart Residential Scholar page.

Publication and Research Programs

BEARC is the home of two important publications series in archaeology, Ancient America and Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing. Both series have been key outlets for important research and breakthroughs in ancient Mesoamerican studies. Residencies at BEARC can focus on the preparation of individual publications in these series.

Events and Conference Center

Schedule your own event at BEARC. We have a 1000 square foot open and airy classroom space with tables and chairs available for booking events. The workshop space is available for a reduced rate if the 3 bedroom Bungalow and Cabin are rented for your event. Read more on our Events and Conference Center page.

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