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Boundary End Adventures

Bridging the Past to the Present -
Connecting ancient history with contemporary living 

Our Story


Our Boundary End Adventure excursions  are important fundraisers to support the goals of the Boundary End Archaeology Research Center, while creating a fun and relaxing environment where you will appreciate and learn more about both the ancient and modern cultures of the Americas.


In the fall of 2024  join us to explore Oaxaca, a city that invites interested travelers to preserve its rich traditions, archaeology, natural places, textiles, food, and mescal traditions.


In 2025 we will visit highland Guatemala and are making future plans for visits to the Andes region, the Southwestern US, and the mound builders of the Southeastern US.  

Join us for a trip and build your travel identity as an Adventure Traveler!


A Bit of our History:

Boundary End Archeology Research Center, located just outside of Ashville, North Carolina, is a nonprofit created by Dr. George E. Stuart, who worked for decades at the National Geographic Society. He saw the need for an organization that embodies the spirit of exploration while supporting thoughtful scientific investigations into the archeology of the Americas. He created Boundary End Archeology Research Center, a place that hosts workshops, symposia, and lectures. It is unique in creating publications that transcend academic politics in order to search for the most engaging scholarship happening today. 

George engaged in what is now known as placemaking. He created a nonprofit: a historic buildings compound–next to the Pisgah National Forest that hosts writers, archeologists, scholars, artists, writers and teachers. It brings people together through scientific investigation into our origins as citizens of the Americas. 

Philanthropy that's Fun

In October of 2024 you will be here for the sites, sounds and tastes of Oaxaca. 

And even before you arrive you leave your mark as a philanthropic  traveler. 

Travel with Us!


Boundary End Center was started as a nonprofit by the late Dr. George E. Stuart in order to realize his dream of an organization that celebrated archaeology of the Americas. He worked tirelessly to encourage innovative scholarship by the world's leading artists, scholars, archaeologists, epigraphers, and educators. As a lifelong member of the editorial team at the National Geographic Society, he understood the power of storytelling to engage citizens of the world. We continue his legacy by creating experiences for philanthropy travelers. 

George's wife, Gene Stuart, was a writer, artist and art historian with a keen eye for the power of images.  She wrote countless books, articles and children's narratives for the National Geographic Society after her post graduate education at the University of Georgia . Her love of the local communities and their artistic heritage are shared  by her family.   We honor her legacy by curating careful travel experiences that allow participants to see, taste, touch, smell, and hear the places we visit. Her legacy allows us to travel without being tourists.

Your Trip Organizer


Ann Stuart, DVM

Ann Stuart, Doctor of Vetrinary Medicine, has been connected to Mexico during both her childhood and adult life. Her love of both archeology and modern cultures  is a perfect connection to Oaxaca, our trip focus in October 2024. She lived in  Coba, Quintana Roo, Mexico as a teenager during her parents' National Geographic Society archaeological project when it was still a very remote village. She brings decades of adventure travel management to you, allowing you to keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open to new adventures. She is well supported by local guides  and academic experts to make your learning adventures compelling while blending the echoes of history with the vibrant spirit of modern life in the regions we visit.

What Makes Us Special?

Handpicked Experiences

We travel to places that matter, that need to be seen and experienced in person. 

Travel Philosophy

A significant part of your trip cost supports Boundary End Center's commitment to archaeology of the Americas. You will receive a receipt for you tax deductible contribution.

Travel Not Tourism

Guided by experts you will connect with the local community on a personal level.

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